Episkopos Aloysius Thudthwacker

Not quite in over my head yet, but I'm working on it.
      Me? The sprawling insanity of Discordianism sits hovering in the virtual air at the tips of your fingers, and you look up li'l ol' me?
      You like me! You really like me! Cool.
      Well, since you've come this far, I should at least let you know who (and, in some sense, why) I am. Set the Wayback Machine a couple of years back and hold on to your Beavis & Butthead Boxers.
      My first experience with Discordianism was in the reasonably unassuming form of Episkopos Ol' Sam (a legend on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology, where the normals knew him better as Bobby Bain), who went around campus performing all manner of funny, disturbing and anti-establishmentary (put down the dictionary; I made that word up) things.
      Ol' Sam had a wonderfully maddening way of pushing people over the edge, for which I developed a great respect (being a frothing-at-the-mouth heretic myself). He made constant references to Eris Discordia, which I didn't really listen to but filed away for future reference. He gave me the address of the IllumiNet Press, (who publish the Principia Discordia) which I stuck in a drawer, reasonably certain that I'd never need it.
      My own enlightenment came about a year later and two years ago under extraordinarily ridiculous circumstances. You see, I was creating a character for a role-playing game, and this character was quite a free spirit and had very little use for authority in any form (especially metaphysical). I decided that he would most likely be Discordian (though I didn't know very much about the religion save that it was based around the Greco-Roman Goddess of Confusion), and set about creating a philosophy for him.
      My first attempt resulted in a rather lame set of beliefs, which I discarded immediately. I couldn't possibly play a character whose beliefs were so obviously dopey. I redoubled my efforts and eventually came up with a set of beliefs that worked for me. They worked so well, in fact, that I found myself unable to escape their conclusion (which boils down to the fact that we only accept logic as being inviolate because we don't have the ability to doubt it. Now, isn't it rather arrogant to assume that something is true simply because we don't have the ability to doubt it? I decided that it was, and rejected logic as anything but a product of the limitations of human understanding. This rather neatly knocks the pins out from under virtually every argument ever put forth and relegates some of the loftiest works of the human mind to the level of mere conjecture. Not a bad week's work).
      Who but Eris could ever come up with such a ridiculous and roundabout method of enlightenment? I converted amidst peals of laughter that afternoon and sent away for my copy of the Principia Discordia that very week.
      I started my own Discordian Cabal, which I decided to call the Order of the Blunted Sword, because the sword is the elemental weapon of fire, which in turn is the symbol of reason (before my conversion to Discordianism, you may have rightly guessed, I spent several years reading arcane Books, cavorting with the Forces of Darkness and lingering at the very Brink of the Void [wherein were many initial-capped Things]).
      I spent several months editing a hefty piece of literature called Five Non-Prophets of Discordia, large bits of which are hiding hither and yon (I honestly have no idea where, for the most part. This thing has only been in existence for a couple of days [as of this writing {which, I suppose I should mention, was back in late Bureaucracy of 3159 or early Chaos of 3160 --Al}], and I've already managed to misplace things. Clearly, HyperText is a perfect Discordian medium in that it makes a document too confusing to follow, even for the author) in this hyperdocument.
      This, HyperDiscordia, was originally conceived as a mere title page with links to plain text files. It has evolved (on the first day of its existence) into a labor of love that rivals Five Non-Prophets in fervor and outstrips it completely in scope and potential. Such is good, since I stumbled upon a prophecy-in-the-making and found myself with only a scant month or two to fulfill it.
      You see, I was born in the Season of Chaos on a Holy Day (the 23rd [2+3= 5]) and was 23 years of age at the time. With my birthday only a couple of months away, I knew I had to act fast and do something neat or lose the opportunity of a lifetime. Of course, trying to do something neat (especially when you have no idea as to what that neat thing might be) is the surest way to make certain that nothing of consequence happens. So, I forgot about trying to fulfill the prophecy and rapidly forgot the whole silly business.
      A few days later, I learned HyperText Markup Language and embarked on my newest mission. Now, this little (but growing) island of lunacy may not actually be the stuff of prophecy (which is good, because we have to be careful to maintain our non-prophet status), but I like to think that it's at least pretty neat.
Contact information:
I'm most easily (and inexpensively) reached via the Internet at jformoso@westnet.com. When I'm not here (or seeing if I can make that other Pope gag on a bit of Pop-Tart), I'm often out somewhere partaking of no hot dog buns, as is required of all Discordians.
      May the Goddess smile upon you always.