POEE (pronounced ``poee'') is an acronym for the Paratheo-anametamystikhood Of Eris Esoteric. The first part can be taken to mean ``equivalent deity, reversing beyond-mystique.'' We are not really esoteric, it's just that nobody pays much attention to us.
      My High Reverence Malaclypse the Younger, AB, DD, KSC, is the High Priest of POEE, and POEE is grounded in his episkopotic revelations of The Goddess. He is called The Omnibenevolent Polyfather of Virginity in Gold.
      The POEE Head Temple is the Joshua Norton Cabal of The Discordian Society, (slogan:Everybody understands Mickey Mouse. Few understand Herman Hesse. Only a handful understood Albert Einstein. And nobody understood Emperor Norton) which is located in Mal-2's pineal gland and can be found by temporally and spacially locating the rest of Mal-2.
      POEE has no treasury, no by-laws, no articles, no guides save Mal-2's pineal gland, and has only one scruple -- which Mal-2 keeps on his key chain.
      POEE has not registered,incorporated, or otherwise chartered with the State, and so the State does not recognize POEE or POEE Ordinations, which is only fair, because POEE does not recognize the State.
      POEE has 5 Degrees:
  1. There is the neophyte, or Legionnaire Disciple.
  2. The Legionnaire Deacon, who is catching on.
  3. An Ordained POEE Priest/Priestess or a Chaplin.
  4. The High Priest, the Polyfather.
  5. And POEE Pope (the metaphysical implications of Popedom are explored in Discordian Eristocracy, for those who are curious.)

      POEE Legionnaire Disciples are authorized to initiate others as Discordian Society Legionnaires. Priests appoint their own Deacons. The Polyfather ordains Priests. I don't know about the Popes.
      A more detailed (though less understandable [Hail Eris]) picture of all this whatever-the-Hell-it-is can be found in the POEE Disorganizational Matrix.
POEE & Its Priests

If you like Erisianism as it is presented according to Mal-2, then you may wish to form your own POEE CABAL as a POEE Priest and you can go do a bunch of POEE Priestly Things. A ``POEE Cabal'' is exactly what you think it is.
      The High Priest makes no demands on his Priests, though he does rather expect good will of them. The Office of The Polyfather is to point, not to teach. Once in a while, he even listens.
      Should you find that your own revelations of The Goddess become substantially different that the revelations of Mal-2, then perhaps the Goddess has plans for you as an Episkopos, and you might consider creating your own sect from scratch, unhindered. Episkoposes are not competing with each other, and they are all POEE priests anyway (as soon as I locate them). The point is that Episkoposes are developing separate paths to the Erisian mountain top.
Ordination as a POEE Priest

There are no particular qualifications for Ordination because if you want to be a POEE Priest then you must undoubtedly qualify. Who could possibly know better than you whether or not you should be Ordained?
      An ORDAINED POEE PRIEST or PRIESTESS is defined as ``one who holds an Ordination Certificate from the Office of the Polyfather.''
      POEE Priests have the right (the obligation, even) to perform The POEE Baptismal Rite on anyone who requests (or requires) such a thing.

The Five Fingered Hand of Eris

The official symbol of POEE is here illustrated. It may be this, or any similar device to represent two opposing arrows converging into a common point. It may be vertical, horizontal, or else such, and it may be elaborated or simplified as desired.
      The esoteric name for this symbol is The Five Fingered Hand of Eris, commonly shortened to The Hand.
      NOTE: In the lore of western magic, the top curvy bit is taken to symbolize horns, especially the horns of Satan or of diabolical beasties. The Five Fingered Hand of Eris, however, is not intended to be taken as satanic, for the ``horns'' are supported by another set, of inverted ``horns.'' Or maybe it is walrus tusks. I don't know what it is, to tell the truth.
Seek into the Chao if thou wouldst be wise
And find ye delight in Her Great Surprise!
Look into the Chao if thou wantest to know
What's in a Chao and why it ain't so!
(HBT; The Book of Advise, 1:1)