POEE Disorganizational Matrix

Official Proclamation -- ODD# III(b)/4,i;18Aft3135
V) The House of Apostle of ERIS For the Eristocracy and the Cabalablia
A. The Five Apostles of ERIS
B. The Golden Apple Corps (KSC)
C. Episkoposes of The Discordian Society
D. POEE Cabal Priests
E. Saints, Erisian Avatars, and Like Personages

IV) The House of the Rising Podge for the Disciples of Discordia
A. Office of My High Reverence, The Polyfather
B. Council of POEE Priests
C. The Legion of Dynamic Discord
D. Eristic Avatars
E. Aneristic Avatars

III) The House of the Rising Hodge For the Bureaucracy
A. The Bureau of Erisian Archives
B. The Bureau of The POEE Epistolary, and The Division of Dogmas
C. The Bureau of Symbols, Emblems, Certificates and Such
D. The Bureau of Eristic Affairs, and The Administry for The Unenlightened Eristic Horde
E. The Bureau of Aneristic Affairs, and the Administry for the Orders of Discordia

II) The House of the Rising Collapse For the Encouragement of Liberation of Freedom, and/or the Discouragement of the Immanentizing of the Eschaton
A. The Breeze of Wisdom and/or The Wind of Insanity
B. The Breeze of Integrity and/or The Wind of Arrogance
C. The Breeze of Beauty and/or The Wind of Outrages
D. The Breeze of Love and/or The Wind of Bombast
E. The Breeze of Laughter and/or The Wind of Bullshit

I) The Out House For what is left over
A. Miscellaneous Avatars and Punslingers
B. The Fifth Column
C. POEE Popes everywhere
D. Drawer ``O'' for OUT OF FILE
E. Lost Documents and Forgotten Truths