No two equals are the same!
The Discordian Society

The Discordian Society has no definition.
      I sometimes think of it as a disorganization of Eris Freaks. It has been called a guerrilla mind theatre. Episkopos Randomfactor, Director of Purges of Our People's Underworld Movement sect in Larchmont, prefers ``The World's Greatest Association of What-ever-it-is-that-we-are.'' Lady Mal thinks of it as a Renaissance think tank. Fang the Unwashed, WKC, won't say. You can think of it any way you like.
Episkoposes (acceptable vernacular for the more precise term, Episkopossum)
An Episkopos of the Discordian Society is one who prefers total autonomy, and creates his own Discordian sect as The Goddess directs him. He speaks for himself and for those that say that they like what he says.
The Legion of Dynamic Discord
A Discordian Society Legionnaire is one who prefers not to create his own sect.

      (More info is available in a document on POEE, in case you got here by one of the backwater links and haven't seen it yet.)
      If you want in on the Discordian Society then declare yourself what you wish, do what you like and tell us about it, or, if you prefer, don't.
      There are no rules anywhere. The Goddess Prevails.
      Some Episkoposes have a one-man cabal.
      Some work together.
      Some never do explain.