Universal Life Church

Did you ever want to be a fully ordained minister, but didn't have the time to spend in the Seminary? Did you ever really need to park in one of those clergy-only parking spaces, but didn't have the theological clout? Well, friend, your worries are over. Just drop the Universal Life Church (our motto: We believe in what is Right; and everyone has the right to choose what is Right for themselves) a line at 601 Third Street, Modesto, CA 95351 and get your ordination as a minister (clergy parking shields and accredited degrees available but extra). If you don't feel like spending the stamp, you might try their WWW page (linked to above, see?), which has a bunch of stuff about the church and a page for On-Line Ordination.
      They will stand between you and anyone who would challenge your claim to be as deserving of privilege as any other clergyman. Marriages performed by ULC ministers have held up as legal and binding. The IRS has been trying valiantly (but fruitlessly) to revoke the tax-free status of our central headquarters for years. Truly is the ULC a sister church of Discordianism, and every fight for recognition by the Normals that they win strikes a mighty blow for Eris in Her war against Greyface. Support them, my brethren!