Spode, God/dess of Confusion

Pope Jephe I of the Infinite Spellings, Designated Head of the OTISian Faith, Pointifex Maximus, Titulus Glorificus Long-windius, et cetera.
A sister-faith of Discordianism (well, daughter-faith, really, despite its insistance that it has roots in ancient Sumerian religion) worships OTIS, God/dess (you may have noticed the identity crisis common, apparently, to ancient Sumerian deities) of Life.
      Also integral to their pantheon (and to all truly hip pantheons) is a deity of Confusion, known as Spode. The OTISians put out a really cool zine called The Purple Thunderbolt of Spode (named after a Divine Weapon that is metaphysically related to the Discordian Hammer of Bonking), which is definitely worth looking over.
      You can get yourself on the Purps mailing list by sending mail to hailotis@socpsy.sci.fau.edu with SUBSCRIBE in the subject or body (or both; I forget these things). There is also a Purps Revival starting up (they call their zine The Purple Thunderbolt of Spode, too, which serves to confuse the issue greatly [Hail Spode/Hail Eris]). You can join that mailing list by sending mail to zecchin@kenyon.edu. I don't think they have an automated mailing list thing yet, so you can probably send person-readable mail.
      They keep back issues of the first-mentioned Purps (as it is known by the monosyllabic) on file at an ftp site which is conveniently available for browsing. They also have themselves a Web site a gopher site, and, if the above is any indication, a kitchen sink (2-basin, to be sure), though one can never be certain.