Getchyer Pope Card

Pope Icky Fundament, PZK has once again found himself with idle hands, and has dutifully rendered them unto the Devil (the Trickster or Accuser [Eris, often], not Greyface -- try to keep up and fill in the context yerself where needed; I can't be expected to explicate everything on this site [this is largely because I do not, in fact, understand all of it and dislike looking stupid, but you don't have to know that]). He has provided us with this wonderful Pope Card Generator, which will take your Holy Name and incorporate it into a GIF (using the fancy-pants gd graphics library), which will be returned to you for printing out, folding and laminating. Yes indeed, never has it been easier to get a nifty, personalized Pope card to show all your Thuddite friends.
      Holy Name, puhleaze: