MAP last updated Bureaucracy 42, 3162 (September 18, 1996). Contrary to the fundamental tenets (and tenants) of both Discordianism and HyperTextIsm, I have hacked together a program to map an HTML document and all of its associated links and produce an HTML document listing all the documents and their links while preserving those links. The upshot of all that is that there now exists a HyperDiscordiaMap which you can use to find those parts of HyperDiscordia that you missed using the traditional method or that are new. I'll run the mapping program and note the update here periodically as the Thwackster tacks on more crap. The Perl code for this creature can be found here. You'll also need libwww-perl. Stick any bugs in Pascal's hat and smoke it or e-mail them to
I'm not supporting it but I might actually be willing to try to fix it.
      -- Icky