Yes, your favorite cereal is now even more Devilishly Delicious®! We've added marshmallow pitchforks and two more Mortal Sins to make your breakfast experience more sinful than ever!

But that great taste you've always lusted after hasn't changed a bit -- Satan Snaps® still have that great sulphurous flavor, that same crunchiness, even in brimstone! You'll want to be a glutton and finish the whole damned box!

But Satan Snaps® isn't just another pretty cereal -- it's Devilishly Nutritious, too! Check out our federally-mandated nutrition information label if you don't believe us -- Lucifer may be the Father of Lies, but even He doesn't want the U.S. government on His back!

Nourish your body and your soul with new, improved Satan Snaps®!

And remember, if you can't find Satan Snaps® at your supermarket, burn it down!

TM, ® Dark Satanic Mills Company
©1996 Dark Satanic Mills Company
Produced by Yo Mama