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Dr. Jonas Zizlesse, M.D., P.A., F.A.C.S.
Dr. Jonas Zizlesse has pioneered the newest and best advance in cosmetic surgery since the introduction of the nose. He calls it Nipple Addition Surgery.

How can Nipple Addition Surgery work for you?

About six years ago, Dr. Zizlesse made an astounding discovery while researching female breast reconstruction:


That's right! The female breast, so beloved of men, is really nothing but a bag of fat! Yes, the same stuff women work so hard to keep off of their thighs and behinds is what makes up the most attractive part of their anatomy!

But what makes these bags of fat different from those that women, say, squeeze into their jeans?

Breasts are fat with nipples!

Yes, what you are reading is true! The only difference between fat thighs and fat breasts is that breasts have nipples!

And Dr. Zizlesse has perfected his Nipple Addition Surgery just to remedy this problem. Why waste all of that time working out, or put all of that effort into dieting, when you can simply have Dr. Zizlesse construct a nipple or two on your problem areas -- thus improving your attractiveness ten, twenty, even a hundred times!

But don't believe us! See for yourself!

If that's not enough for you, look here!

If everything you've heard and seen so far excites you, click here! for more information on how you can join the millions helped by Dr. Zizlesse!

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